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Which Star Signs Should CAPRICORN Date?

When it comes to Capricorn dates, quit playing games if you want to be taken seriously. Don’t pull a fast one, either, because they will make you regret it really bad.

If you want your relationship to progress, you have to be prepared to take it slow. Be consistent and be steady because this is the only way you can impress and convince a Capricorn that your intentions are pure and true.

Capricorns need someone strong and dependable in their lives. They should also have big dreams and aspirations for themselves if they want to earn a Capricorn’s respect.

They can be the most driven and ambitious people of the lot. But they can also be the most generous and most understanding lovers that you can ever hope to have.


If you want to be unforgettable on your date with a Capricorn, make them laugh and talk like you’ve known each other forever. Your Capricorn date will not be able to stop thinking about you even days after your date is through.

Do everything that you can to make them feel comfortable around you, so think of ways that you can break the ice as soon as possible. Try a quick anecdote, a joke, or a funny photo, and you are guaranteed to crack them up.

They will soon open to you after a few sips of wine, or when they’re really comfortable in the restaurant or coffee shop that you picked out. They can talk up a storm, too, so make sure that you listen to what they’re sharing with you.

They can tell you a lot about their dreams and desires, and where they are right now at this point in their lives. Let them talk because it seldom happens with Capricorn to be so gregarious in front of someone they don’t know that well yet.

If they are talkative with you, they feel a certain kind of closeness with you. Consider that as a compliment because they can sense something that is genuine and trustworthy in you.

Capricorns will usually just clam up when they’re not ready to talk about themselves, or when they’re not feeling at ease with the people around them. They are okay with being on their own for a while because they would rather be alone than be with someone who’s wrong for them.

They don’t like overly showy or touchy-feely demonstrations of love. If you try that with them on your first date, they will certainly call you on it, and it’s very possible that you will never hear from them again.

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