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Capricorn women are ambitious in all aspects of their lives, so they expect the same kind of drive, ambition, and commitment from the people in their lives, especially their men. They give everything their 100%, so you can expect that when they’re with you, you will have all of them.

Because of their big dreams and ambitions, they can easily stand on their own and make it big just by their own effort. If you think you can swoop in and be their knight in shining armour, well, you have another think coming.

Capricorn women do not need rescuing because they can easily figure things out and come up with ways to achieve what they need to achieve. If you want to stay in their lives, don’t coddle or meddle because they will not take it positively.

Allow them to handle the situation and only extend help when they come to you for it. But you have an important role in their lives, and they need you even if they don’t tell you every little thing.

You will come across Capricorn women at a business convention, a company conference, a teambuilding activity, or anywhere with a lot of bustling energy and successful, powerful people. Capricorn women don’t like to party that much, so good luck finding them in the hippest club or the most happening music festival because chances are they will skip those things.

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When you first see them, they will most likely be surveying the crowd, or listening to someone in rapt attention. Walk up to them and just introduce yourself!

Capricorn women like honest and upfront men, so don’t bother with cheesy or creepy pick-up lines! They will look at you like you’ve just grown a pair of antlers, and they will quickly leave and you will never see them again.

Ask them about their jobs because Capricorn women will talk excitedly about their jobs and what they do. Let them tell you about their hobbies and interests because they will surely have a lot, and you can end up talking about this topic all night!

They will know right away if you’re just trying to impress them, or if you’re really telling them the truth. Be proud of your achievements but don’t be boastful about them, because that’s the quickest way you can turn off Capricorn women.

Don’t tell them you’re rich and successful, like this fact alone should make them completely interested in you. Tell them that you’re doing well and let them find out the rest about you — they will enjoy it more if they find it out themselves.

When they find out that you’re successful and ambitious like them, they will be more open to going out with you and getting to know you better. They want to be with people who can help them become a better and more motivated person.

They have a high respect for self-made men. If you are one, they will not hesitate to make the first move to go out with you.

But one thing that you must know is that they are currently making all of their dreams come true. If you are looking for something more serious, Capricorn women will most likely ask you to put off any serious plans for now.

They’re not playing any games, but they will be focused on their dreams and ambitions. They need someone in their lives who will support them, not take away their concentration, or worse, make them choose between love or career.

Capricorn women may be strong and independent, but they will still want to be treated like a lady. Give them beautiful and practical gifts that you know they will like, and take her to places that you know they will enjoy.

They like a good challenge, so make sure that you constantly think of ways that you can challenge them to be better. Engage in a friendly competition every now and then to keep them motivated and stimulated.

Capricorn women are one of the most down-to-earth and practical people you will ever meet. They are also sensual and passionate, and most important of all, you can count on them to be there for you when the going gets tough!

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