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If you have never dated a Capricorn man before, well, you’re missing out on a lot! That’s because Capricorn men make the most adorable and loving boyfriends.

They can be the best boyfriends you will ever have. If you’re lucky enough, they can also make the most terrific husbands!

They have their flaws, of course, because who doesn’t? But there are also a lot of traits that make them endearing and delightful.

For starters, they don’t like going on boring dates. If you ask them out for dinner, take them to a restaurant that offers something different.

They like to learn new things and have new experiences. Go somewhere where they will feel mentally and physically stimulated.

Perhaps a murder mystery and scavenger hunt, or a day at the race track, or a helicopter ride. Anything that’s adrenalin-fuelled is always a good idea!

They may come off as seriously confident men, but don’t be fooled. They just appear confident because it is what everybody expects them to be.

In their profession or line of work, they need to be confident, aggressive, and even ruthless. If they want to be successful, they have to have this persona that will make others take notice.

They are actually pretty self-conscious, so be careful when you say something about their appearance or when you make a comment about their jobs. You don’t want to hurt their feelings or make them lose their interest in you.

Capricorn men are also very good when it comes to money, which is why they’re successful and financially stable. They work hard for their money and they know its value.

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They’re not what you can call a cheapskate, though, because they know how to treat their women. They are just more aware that the money they have now is the product of their blood, sweat, and tears.

They want to build a small fortune for themselves so that they can provide for their future family. If you’re the kind of woman who wants lavish gifts and last minute holidays to exotic locations with her man, you may want to skip dating Capricorn men because they will not be throwing away their money like that.

Capricorn men are intelligent and wise, so you will learn a lot from them when it comes to business and finance, as well as the more philosophical things in life. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you enjoy listening to them talk, and it will be a bit of a turn-on when they teach you something new and practical.

They hate petty fights, childish acts, and unnecessary drama. If you’re guilty of these in the past, you need to grow up fast if you want to be with your Capricorn man.

They are turned off by immaturity. When they commit themselves to someone, it means that they are ready to settle down and live a peaceful life — not add drama into it.

If you’re not ready for a serious relationship, skip Capricorn men. They will not play games with you and will break it off with you the instant that they feel that you’re just looking for a good time.

Don’t panic if you feel like they’re not opening themselves up to you because Capricorn men are just known to not show their emotions. But if they’re already in love with you and want to commit to you, they will be giving with their affections and open with their emotions.

They want to take things slowly because they really want to get to know someone before they give it their all. But when you manage to find out what makes them tick, they will be present in your life all the time, and they will want you to be in theirs, too.

They are responsible and dependable, and you can expect them to be by your side to help you overcome your personal difficulties. Just a short text and they will show up at your door with your favourite comfort food, and a change of clothes so that they can keep you company for the night.

Capricorn men will be ready to drop everything they’re doing if they know you need them. They are generous with their time with you because they spend most of their time working.

The least they can do is to be with you at your time of need. But you can expect for them to make it all worthwhile, because this is what they’re good at.

If you want a stable, safe, and comfortable life, you will not go wrong with Capricorn men. They will help you give direction to your life, and they will share what they can with you so that you will also achieve your own success.

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